New airfield layout and custom services

Airfield “Stipe Kristo” has officially got two new runways. New asphalt runway and one emergency grass runway have past the inspection and they are ready to use.

In section Aerodrom Info you can find the latest visual approach chart and airfield information for LQLV.

Temporary border crossing and custom control are established for next Summer, from June 15th till September 15th 2019. During this period airfield will be open for direct flights from abroad. To be able to use it, 48 hrs prior your takeoff you need to provide following information to email

  • Aircraft type and registration
  • Number of crew
  • Planned takeoff time and place of origin
  • Planned  landing time to Livno
  • Any important information regarding aircraft servicing (fuel, parking etc)

There is limited amount of AVGAS 100LL and it is very important to inform us about type and amount of fuel prior the flight. MOGAS is available on local petrol stations and it can be provided on request.

Oxygen is not available.